The Natural Edit




Touring can be tough. A life of a musician can be sporadic and unpredictable. Frances has helped me develop an attainable and convenient strategy to maintain a steady rhythm in my diet and skincare routine. I can’t say enough good things about her extensive knowledge and effortless professionalism
— Dua Lipa, Singer/Songwriter
Frances has helped me to find a balanced routine with a personalised nutrition and skin care plan to fit around my lifestyle. She possesses a positive, caring approach with great knowledge and understanding of what the body needs. I particularly love the recommended natural skin care products and the quick and easy recipes. As a result, I feel energised, lighter and my skin looks and feels clearer and brighter - I can’t recommend Frances enough!
— Chelsea Price, Agent, Kate Moss Agency
Frances is a ‘natural beauty’ in all the senses of that phrase. For as long as I’ve known her she’s been passionate about, and an advocate for, natural skincare and make-up. I will often seek her opinion about the natural beauty products that she thinks really work
— Edwina Ings-Chambers, Beauty Director, YOU Magazine
I’ve always suffered on and off with gut related issues. Feeling bloated, nausea and also migraines. After two weeks, the nausea and boating stopped and then the migranes, which was the biggest surprise for me. Having suffered since I was 11, getting 1-2 a week, I went three whole months with NO migraines! First time in my life not having them is absolutely life changing
— C.K., Online Co-Ordinator, Tommy Hilfiger
I saw Frances on two occasions in relation to my ongoing eczema condition. She was wonderfully warm and easygoing but also extremely knowledgeable and professional. She made some excellent nutritional and skincare related recommendations, many of which I have continued to use and are now firmly established in my daily routine. My eczema is still present but I’m managing it far better and my flare ups are much less frequent
— Emma Bardwell, Freelance Writer
I was diagnosed with IBS and suffered with it for almost 10 years. Conventional treatments weren’t helping and I’d been to see so many different professionals. I was really giving up hope that I’d ever feel normal again. Frances’s approach wasn’t overwhelming - something that I was particularly concerned about because I expected I’d have to drastically change my diet. Frances managed to take my lifestyle into consideration - it felt surprisingly easy! Honestly, my relationship with food has completely changed and I have never felt healthier!
— B.W., Assistant Floor Manager