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nutrition consultations


Initial Consultation

60 mins

Every new client will need to have an hour-long initial consultation. This is a chance for me to take an in-depth look at your health history and assess any concerns you have. Prior to this consultation you will need to complete a food diary for a minimum of three days.


Follow-Up Consultations

45 mins

Any subsequent consultations will be approximately 45 minutes long. Progress will be tracked and new recommendations made. If any testing has been carried out, results will be interpreted and discussed.



Packages of either 3 or 6 consultations are available upon request. All packages include the initial hour long consultation. The amount of consultations required is completely individual to each client and their concerns but a minimum of 3 consultations is usually recommended.


freelance writing, talks & consultancy


Topics covered: nutrition, wellbeing, natural/organic/ ‘clean’ beauty, healthy travel. For examples of written work, please refer to the press page. Quotes also available upon request. Any enquiries please email