The Natural Edit



‘Beauty from the inside out’ - it’s my belief that we can’t truly radiate on the outside if we aren’t taking care of ourselves on the inside.

Having worked in the fashion & beauty industry as a model for over a decade, I know all about the pressure to look good. First there's conforming to the industry's rigid size standards. Add to that being expected to have flawless skin and perfect hair at all times - it's an impossible task that mostly leads to self-doubt and insecurity (I know enough models to tell you none of them are completely happy with how they look).

Skin issues have been a problem for me throughout my life but there was a specific time when the eczema I'd always suffered from got really out of control. I was in constant pain and started losing out on work because of it. Around the same time, stress and hormonal havoc meant - somewhat ironically - that I also got acne (not my finest hour, I'll admit!). I was living in New York at the time and was getting a lot of unsolicited, albeit well-meaning, advice from agents/friends/strangers about what I should or shouldn't be doing. Deep down I knew that getting a facial or using one miracle product wasn't going to solve things for me. That's when the search began. I did everything I could to try to sort it out. After exhausting the conventional route, I started looking at other options. I became much more aware of what I was putting on my skin. I'd always been into products but I had to really assess what I was using. After a brief stint working for the beauty team at The Sunday Times Style Magazine, I became involved with writing about natural beauty products. My existing interest in health & wellbeing grew into a real passion. It was then that I made the decision to study Naturopathic Nutrition.

The Natural Edit is a combination of all my experience in nutrition, beauty and fashion. It's an amalgamation of nutrition and beauty - I believe they are intrinsically linked. If you're not taking care of yourself from the inside, no amount of products you apply are going to give the best results. I want to give honest and realistic advice - no gimmicks, no quick-fixes and certainly no diets. I try to live with balance in all aspects of my life and nutrition is no exception. 

Frances is a fully qualified BANT & CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in skin & beauty related issues. She is also a freelance health & beauty writer and consultant, specialising in organic & natural beauty and nutrition. Publications include The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Russh Magazine, Cosmo Online & The Sunday Times Online. Frances is available for private nutrition consultations upon request at a clinic in North London or via Skype. Her modelling career includes campaigns for Agent Provocateur, Lynx and L'Oreal and shoots for Elle, Harpers Bazaar and GQ Magazine